How To Go From Rags To Riches

Rags to Riches, The Tale of The American Dream

In 1848, Andrew Carnegie was 13 years old, working in a factory and had a net worth of $62.00 dollars.

By 1901, he had sold his steel company to JP Morgan for $480 million dollars, or today’s equivalent of $310 Billion.

Not bad for a Scottish immigrant who sailed to the United States with little more than a piece of string in his pocket.

How To Go From Rags To Riches

             Having worked his way up from the streets to becoming the most wealth  man in the United States, Andrew Carnegie possessed certain knowledge about becoming successful and  he set out to show the world that with the right knowledge and training, the ‘working man’ could also acquire such wealth.

             Mr. Andrew Carnegie commissioned Napoleon Hill to interview the most successful men in America and produce a document that would show the average working man how to acquire such riches and success.

          Today, more Fortune 500 CEO’s rank Think and Grow Rich as the number 1 business book than any other book in existence.

          Carnegie could have simply donated and given away large sums of money to the working man. But what good could this have done to give money to a man without the knowledge of proper money management, for the money would be squandered.

No, Carnegie and Hill gave a more valuable gift.

Knowledge and know-how.

                 Today, I must introduce you to someone who like Carnegie and Hill has also taken to the righteous and virtuous path of sharing the knowledge and know-how of successful business and wealth practices.

Caleb Wojcik. Author of The Get Paid Manifesto

Caleb Wojcik is the founder of Pocket Changed, operations manager of Think Traffic, and co-creator of Expert Enough & He is also the author of The Get Paid Manifesto and creator of Make It Rain: An Aspiring Entrepreneur’s Guide to Personal Finance.

Like Carnegie and Hill, Caleb Wojcik provides the map or blueprint if you will, for new entrepreneurs aspiring to build successful online businesses.  As Carnegie and Hill have taught so many years ago, man must develop the know how to be successful in business.

And to develop the Know-How, man must put himself in an environment where he has access to successful person(s) in his industry and learn and model their best practices.

The Triangle of Success

Each of Caleb Wojcik’s sites offers a different aspect of the “Know-How” for entrepreneurial success.

                 Pocket Changed focuses on the best personal finance practices and offers information on pursuing and successfully starting a career tailored to one person…You

               Experts Enough offers what are known in the ‘self-improvement’ industry as ‘life-hacks.’ Here you will find resources for multiple aspects in your life ranging from health and fitness to productivity, even the successful path to solid book writing, (I may have butchered that title).

            Fizzle is the full scale platform for “Online Business Builders.”  In a very real sense, Fizzle IS the environment for ‘Online Business Builders’ that Carnegie and Hill tell us we need to put ourselves in order to be successful.


            After Mr. Andrew Carnegie sold his company to JP Morgan in 1901, he devoted the remainder of his life to pursue philanthropic endeavors, donating several million dollars among various projects, the majority of which focused on education.

           Fizzle’s philosophy, Caleb says, is to provide great, practical information for Online Entrepreneurs at a price that they can afford.  His philosophy is simple and virtuous.                                                                                                                                                              

Open the doors, permit all to enter and impart knowledge upon those who seek it.

Reminds me of the famous line from Field of Dreams, “If you build it, they will come.”

What Gets You Up In The Morning?

If the barrier to entry is bar none, Caleb must be motivated not by money but something else.              

But what?

              The first thing he does in the morning is to check for correspondence from his member and clients. The very first thing when he wakes up is to check in with his guys.

Somebody, (not you though), is reading this going “Screw that! That’s the last thing I want to do.”

                   But even that person (which isn’t you) acknowledges the passion and desire to help others that Caleb possesses. And those that he coaches can certainly attest to that.  His mission is to cultivate a team of “Cubicle Renegades” and save them from the slavery of their detested 9-5 cubicle jobs by providing them with the knowledge they need to successful start an online business.

Parting Words

                  Carnegie’s quest for Hill changed the business world as we know it.                                                              

                I commend Caleb for the similar ambition he shares, to provide and foster an environment that provides the “Know-How” to others.

What Gets You Out Of Bed? 


To the Top,


Tim Anthony


PS. Don’t forget to give my man Caleb some love on his sites. And learn something.

PSS. You Were Born To Succeed.



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